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Build social apps with native crypto experiences.

Imagine social apps where users are in control of their followers, posts, network and data - not the big tech companies. Users can take their social network and data with them, and seamlessly load it into any other app.

These apps run on the blockchain and can easily integrate crypto experiences. Like digital collectibles, community tokens, digital art, location-based NFT's, or any of the numerous other features.

What app will you build?

How it works.

Building on Spling means building with technologies you’re familiar with, like React. Simply call createUserProfile() to create a new user profile, or submitPost() to submit a new post. Your app’s back-end lives on the blockchain, without developers needing any specific blockchain knowledge or programming languages.

The Solana blockchain provides security to keep billions of dollars secure every day, and this extreme level of security and reliability will be applied to your app’s back-end. It’s highly secure and fully compliant with GDPR.

100% up-time, bank-grade security and exciting crypto experiences for your users.

What are you waiting for?

Cheap, easy and serverless setup

Apps building on Spling don't need to build a custom back-end. They can simply call programs, created by Spling Labs, that run on the blockchain. Apps call these programs, through simple functions, like submitPost().

Bank-level security for your app

Blockchains secure billions of dollars every single day. Apps that build on Spling have their back-end and data protected with the same level of security. Extreme security and GDPR compliance - out of the box.

Users take their data and network across apps

Users can seamlessly switch apps by authorising multiple apps to display their followers, content and other data. This enables apps to work together to provide great user experiences, instead of locking in users.

Winner 2nd place: Web3 Track

Built with Spling:

Social Fitness App

Share your workouts with friends, your trainer or with complete strangers. Set goals for yourself and motivate each other by sharing progress. Integrate with Whoop to automatically verify and track your workouts, automatically.

Weekly Social App

What if your timeline resets every week? What would you share and do, if you're given a fresh social canvas to paint on every week? One week you might be into sports and exercise, and the other week you might be more into cooking and food. Who will you be next week?

Community App

Build apps for specific communities or groups formed around a specific interest. Whether it's sports, work, studies, or any other interest that connects people - unite them in a community app that serves their specific needs and offer unique experiences.

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